Buy Spice Diamond Herbal Incense




You do not have the time or money to waste on drab scents that don’t get the job done. If you are looking for a great cannabis substitute, it may be time to spice up your life with a hit of herbal Spice. Spice is a brand of herbal incense, and their Diamond product is the most potent product in a group of three that includes regular Spice and Spice Gold. Spice Diamond is two times as potent as Spice Gold. The herbs in Spice Diamond are sprayed with pure extracts and oils to increase potency.


For a long-lasting high that knocks your socks off, try Spice Diamond. The aroma of Spice Diamond is pronounced, clear and unforgettable. It sparkles with flair and is blended from ingredients that tribal cultures and natives have been using in smoke blends for centuries. These ingredients include honey, siberian motherwort, vanilla, rose, pink clover, marshmallow, lion’s tail, blue lotus, bay bean, maconha brava, lousewort, Indian warrior and dwarf scull cap. The Egyptians, Indians, Native Americans and South Africans, Peruvians, Yucantanians, Brazilians are all documented as having used one or more these herbs for smoking as early as 300BC. They were used for many purposes including to serve as anesthesia, provide euphorics, to act as sedatives and aphrodisiacs and to induce mystical feelings visions.

Spice Diamond is of superior potency and quality. Fans of the product report that the high is dead-on, up to 99 percent identical to what you get from weed. The high is very potent and pleasant, lasting anywhere from five to nine hours. The high comes in waves, so there’s no sense that you’re tripping to hard or that your high has ended too quickly. Some report that it gives a better, clearer high than the illegal stuff.

Also, a little goes a very long way, so when you buy Spice Diamond, not only do you get a great high but also a great value. There is no hangover effect, and the comedown is very clean. It’s also got a purer, fresher smoke than some other, less-expensive blends.

Spice Diamond has a reputation as being one of the absolute best herbal incenses you can find. It is great on its own, but also works great with kush or other legal smokes. You can buy Spice Diamond online if you are 18 years or older. Note the package disclaimer before using it.